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Give to inspire others to give.

The organization has strong conviction that the people have capacity to develop and manage their development mechanism, consequently. It has formulated strategy in consultation with the local people.

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The mission of the organization to develop new vibrant & most constructive & Creative force in society in whom people are aware and conscientious enough about their problem need enhanced their internal potential for the betterment of life and disseminate new social order in society.


We are called by God to "defend the cause of the Fatherless", and our purpose. is to raise awareness of the 147 million orphaned and abandoned children in our world and then educate and equip people with the resources and support they need to care for these at-risk children.

Objective of

Hans Foundation

Hans Foundation has establish to develop innovative area by meant to provide opportunities to undergo specialized training through interaction with eminent expert of various section of society for comprehensive development of society. The organization has special concern for the disadvantaged section of the society. However, objectives of the organization may be summarized as following:

  • Bring Awareness

    To disseminate awareness on different relevant themes such as education, health, communal harmony and other relevant issue affecting day-to-day life of the people.

  • Establish Education system

    To establish and run public school to impart quality education to the children of the people at disadvantage.

  • Promote Talent By Scholarships

    To promote talent by way of coaching, scholarships and guidance among the children of socio-economically backward communities

  • Develop New Institution

    To establish and run educational and technical organizations such as medical colleges, para medical colleges, nursing colleges engineering college. polytechnic etc.

  • Stakeholders' Responsbility

    To arrest and control pollution by taking preventive measures and educating the stakeholders.

  • Finer Opportunities for Better Future

    To organize programs for employment and income generation and for the needy communities.

  • Obligatory Research

    To undertake research studies and innovations on different themes as per need of the people.

  • Tradition Preservation

    To work for culture preservation and values promotion among the people.

  • Need of Equity

    To establish and run public school to impart quality education to the children of the people at disadvantage.

  • Rehabilitation & Reconstruction

    To arrange relief services for the people effected objects by adversities and calamites.

  • Personality Development

    To build capacities of people and organization to elevate quality of life of the people.