Appeal from Hans Foundation


The Hans Foundation has started its fight against the tributations prevalent in the community with its substantial efforts. We believe that problems are unsolved solutions & the people are most capable of solving their own problems provided due facilitation and support is provided at the right time. The Hans Foundation has wise strategy to focus on the expertise available resources strengthen the area of work that emphasis should be laid on “the singer and not the song.”

The development process today has brought many new problems nature and quantum of problems is increasing and so is the number of people involved in the development process through government and non government mechanisms. It requires a personal concern to address for any crisis or need.

We understand that many of you are already working for the cause in different parse of the world. We shall be more than happy if you could join the hands with us for the common cause of the development.

Lets walk together, talk together and work together

"Sarve Jane, Sukhino Bhavanth"