The Hans Foundation started its work to mitigate some of the aforesaid problems emphasizing upon the women and other weak sections of the society. The Hans Foundation believes that development is not merely technological or economic growth rather development of people influencing their values and attitudes for healthy and harmonious living the HF has the conviction that awareness and people’s participation are the key factors to achieve sustainable development, HF has taken several new initiative increscent past. Activities undertaken by the organization may be the summarized under following broad categories.

1. Awareness and organization

The Hans Foundation held meetings, seminars, discussions and talks in order to raise awareness on two broad areas, i.e. , specific issue based and general development related, the sectors considered for inputs are agriculture, civic responsibilities, franchising right, environment, self-help, health and sanitation, community level groups have been developed to support development program in their respective villages, these groups were helped to enhance managerial know how by way of theoretical information and practical involvement.

2. Health

Hans Foundation organized health camps strives to assist carefully needful person and ensure that the best possible remedies given him. The Hans Foundation has been working in cooperation with the local health center and government hospital to curative health facility support to the people of the area, Activities related to curative and preventive health care are taken as a regular feature of the program, following activities were implemented during the year.

MOTHER AND CHILD HEALTH CARE: Local health infrastructure was activated to provide curative and immunization services. Pregnant women and young children were given basic immunization serious patients were taken to the government hospital.

HEALTH CAMPS: Camps on different health issues were organized on the service like; check up, immunization, hepatitis B, polio drops, measles, MMR, sugar etc.

COMMUNITY SANITATION: The park and streets of the villages were cleaned as demonstrative program. Later on village sanitation committees were formed. These committees are shouldering responsibility of respective streets. The members of the committees change every fortnight.

AIDS AWARENESS: A seminar was organized with women in order to educate them on preventive aspect of AIDS. Lots of misconceptions were removed during the seminar.

3. Environment

Pollution control environment promotion program was undertaken by involving school children and community people, talks, march pass, discussion, educative material were among the major initiatives, undertaken in the regard. Competition was organized among the school children on air, water, sound and ground pollution. The program has clear message for the young generation to be sensitive to the environment issues.

4. Culture Preservation

Culture is strength of India. Following activities were undertaken for culture preservation.

CELEBRATIONS: National and local festivals were celebrated with traditional enthusiasm, women , youth and children participated in the celebration programs, representatives from other organizations also participated in the program.

CULTURAL PROGRAMS: Cultural program were held at each cluster level, folk media was prepared and used for raising awareness on one side and cultural preservation on the other side, street plays were enacted in all of the villages.

FOLK MEDIA: The people were involved in developing folk media on different themes, it serves dual purpose of culture preservation and information dissemination on the relevant issues.

SPORTS EVENT: The community group we facilitated to organize different local sports event, the women groups, school children and local youths participated in big number.

5. Aged Care

The organization helped the local groups list of the senior citizens, they were linked with the district social welfare department of pension. The senior citizens were also given special consideration in different events organized by the organization.

6. Handicapped Care

The physically challenged people were help to get bus passes for their comfortable journey. The family members of the handicapped imparted counseling services for healthy attitude development towards the handicapped, these peoples were involved in the cultural activities organized by the organization.

7. Education

Enrollment drive for organized by involving community people for enrollment of the children in the school going age. Later on individual discussion, family visits and group meetings were also organized to educate the parents for utility of education for their wards, school teachers were also contacted for admission of these children in age appropriate classes.

8. Networking

The Hans Foundation works in a team at community level and area level both groups are in the process of development at each cluster level. However, some of them are in organized from as well. All of these groups have frequent interaction and share their wisdom and resources. This gives form of a small network at local area level. Similarly, specialized department and organization are involved in the process. Service and cooperation of all these organizations smoothen the implementation process.

9. Capacity Building

The Hans Foundation believes in basic capacities of human beings to manage their affairs themselves provided adequate development support is provided to them. Consequently, very high emphasis is placed on the training programs for staff and community groups.

STAFF CAPACITY BUILDINGS: The members of the staff were given input by way of regular meetings, supervisory feedback and technical workshops. Topic covered under such workshops are planning, monitoring, linkages building, community organization, accounts keeping and micro credit. The staff capacity building program has facilitated the development process at field level.

GROUP CAPACITY BUILDING: The capacity building program of the community groups has two main themes, i.e., awareness building and managerial training. The awareness building included specific information on relevant issues while managerial inputs involved actual role of the people in the process, they were involved in planning and execution of the program, linkages developed with different departments and organizations are sustained and strengthened by the groups.

10. Consumers Right

Consumers education is also one of the serious steps taken by the Hans Foundation to enhance know-how level of the consumers in the area, written material and verbal communication methods were followed to impart the message to the masses, folk media was also used to make the program entertaining.

11. Women Rights

Women empowerment is at very high priority in the agenda of Hans Foundation, different kinds of activities were performed in order to inform and sensitize the women of the area, emphasis was placed on educating women on their rights and civic responsibilities.

12. Linkages Building

The Hans Foundation always works in cooperation with the specialized departments and organization for effective implementation and sustainability of the programs, while workings with the people linkages have been developed with health department, government hospital, schools, banks, horticulture department and district and block offices, the Hans Foundation has developed functional relationship with all of the aforesaid departments and use their services to improve quality of its programs.