Welcome to Hans Foundation

Hans Foundation that name was created on 2001, under the charitable Trust Act. The Promotion and support of social activities through NGO obviously need a vision, which forms a basic for action. The vision can identify priority areas which are deemed important either for their intrinsic merit in primitive way or for its potential applied value in doing so, Hans Foundation has set criteria with a nucleus of social work like health awareness, environmental problem, women emancipation etc. By way of individual discussion and group meeting from the very beginning Hans Foundation thinking that the expertise acquired by the, must be utilized for benefit of society, since its inception Hans Foundation has strives to further cause of social problem by way of individual.


The organization has strong conviction that the people have capacity to develop and manage their development mechanism, consequently. It has formulated strategy in consultation with the local people. Some of the important features of the strategy are:

All of the programs of the organization are implemented through community participation approach valuing experience and wisdom of the people.

Groups are developed in all of the project communities, regular interaction is insured with the groups, they are given managerial inputs to improve the effectiveness of their individual and group enterprises and programs.

The programs are planned with the active involvement of the community people. Later on the respective groups also shoulder the responsibility of execution of the development programs.

The disadvantaged, such as poor, aged women, children, handicapped, etc; are given priority for rendering services.

Some considerations, such as, gender sensitivity, child development and environment conservation, are given while planning or executing any community development program.

Local resources, men, material, money, etc are given priority for undertaking any development initiative.

All the programs are monitored at three levels i.e. ,group at community level, implementation committee at project level and staff at organization level, feedback is given quickly after monitoring.

Linkages are established with the resource agencies for smooth implementation of the program, the organization considers development as teamwork, hence linkages are developed with the concerned government and non government organizations, t reduces dependability on the organization and leads to sustainability.

The programs are started with a plan of definite phase out after a stipulated period.

Responsibility of managing the programs is transferred to the people by way of a gradual process starting from orientation to owning the program.

Three level approvals and checking system are followed for any petty expenditure. Proper records are prepared for every bit of accounts. The accounts are audited by in-house team and an outside audit firm.

The strategy is reviewed in sight of the project objectives while undertaking any project.

The organization does not cut off relationship with the group after the project tenure is over rather keeps close contact till the group attains functional autonomy.

Consultations and mutual exchange programs are organized among different groups for sharing and learning. Feedback is taken from all people involved in different forms.